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From infrastructure upgrades to bridge construction, many engineering and construction projects require environmental permitting and construction monitoring. Stillwater Sciences provides a comprehensive set of environmental services designed to help you streamline the regulatory process and get your project off the ground within a tight schedule. Our familiarity with regulatory agency concerns and strong working relationships with local, state, and federal government agencies allows us to quickly respond to any issues that may arise at the project site. Stillwater staff have been involved in every phase of projects from the initial design through long-term follow-up biological monitoring. Our fish, wildlife, botanical, water quality, and wetland experts conduct construction monitoring and environmental awareness training, including developing project- and species-specific environmental handouts that help guide construction crews on how to avoid the environmental pitfalls that could add time and cost to your project.  We take on both small and large construction projects and have enough qualified staff and resources to be flexible in meeting your needs.

Our expertise in construction services includes:

  • Pre-project biological studies: wetland delineations and special-status plant and wildlife species surveys;
  • Permitting support: California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Clean Water Act Section 404 permits and endangered species consultations, California Department of Fish and Wildlife streambed alteration agreements and incidental take permits, and Regional Water Quality Control Board 401 certifications;
  • Environmental awareness training: presentation development and on-site training for construction staff in compliance with State and Federal permits;
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan: Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) development and on-site best management practices (BMP) and storm water quality inspections;
  • Dewatering and fish rescue: dewatering process and water management support, cofferdam design and placement assistance, fish and amphibian rescue and relocation;
  • Permit compliance: construction monitoring for compliance with State and Federal permits’ terms and conditions regarding biological resources including bird nests, wetlands and buffers, erosion control, hydrocarbon spill control surveys, environmentally sensitive habitat exclusion fencing, discharges to waters of the State and U.S.;
  • On-site contractor support: assistance with on-site construction means and methods to reduce environmental impacts on sensitive species and habitats;
  • Reporting: report development on daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and project completion basis.

Stillwater Sciences holds a NMFS Section 10(a)(1)(A) permit authorizing the capture and handling of ESA-listed Central Valley steelhead and South-central California Coast steelhead associated with various Central Valley and southern California coastal watersheds. Stillwater biologists hold a USFWS Section 10(a)(1)(A) permit authorizing the capture and handling of ESA-listed California freshwater shrimp, tidewater goby, Alameda whipsnake, California red-legged frog, Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog, giant garter snake, and San Francisco garter snake. Stillwater Sciences also has a CDFW Scientific Collection Permit (SCP) to sample bats throughout California and coverage for numerous projects and species throughout the state. Stillwater biologists have been authorized by CDFW to collect voucher specimens of state-listed plants and to survey and/or monitor for numerous sensitive species including, but not limited to, California freshwater shrimp, numerous fish species, foothill yellow-legged frog, dusky-footed woodrat, Cascades frog, bald eagle, California spotted owl, northern goshawk, and other nesting birds. Stillwater also has staff with Qualified SWPPP Practitioner/Developer (QSP/QSD) certifications under the California Construction General Permit.


Stillwater staff provide construction monitoring to reduce environmental impacts on sensitive species and habitats.

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